Ameren Corporation Sustainability Report

2022 Sustainability Report

Ameren's report details the company's commitment to sustainability and offers a comprehensive view of the actions taken on key environmental, social impact, governance, and sustainable growth (ESG) matters.

Environmental Stewardship

Operating to reduce emissions and waste and preserving natural resources while providing safe, reliable, and affordable electric and natural gas services.

Social Impact

Placing people at the center of everything we do by supporting customers, empowering co-workers and enabling more sustainable communities.


Executing policies and principles that integrate ESG matters into our risk management and strategic planning frameworks, as well as providing strong oversight.

Sustainable Growth

Delivering superior and sustainable long-term value to our customers, the communities we serve, our shareholders and the environment.

2022 Ameren Sustainability Report

Transforming for our Future

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Additional Information

Ameren is committed to operating in a sustainable manner and is doing this by carefully balancing our key responsibilities to our customers and the communities we serve, our co-workers, our shareholders, and the environment. The reports and presentations below discuss the actions we are taking to benefit the climate, invest in renewable energy and drive changes that support our commitment to social responsibility, including efforts relating to diversity, equity and inclusion, human capital management, and health and safety programs.

Additional reports include the EEI-AGA ESG/Sustainability Report, a report on climate-related risk and an ESG Investor Presentation.